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People are more furious by what is said than by what is done.
사람들은 행동보다 말에 더 분노한다.

Khai @ThamKhaiMeng
lnvestor | Board Member Former Worldwide Chief Creative Officer


The overscheduled life is not worth living.
지나치게 계획된 인생은 살 만한 가치가 없다.

Naval Ravikant @naval
Founder & CEO of Angelist | Author


Great achievement springs from personal growth.
Growth isn’t an accident. We grow on purpose or not at all.
위대한 업적은 개인의 성장으로부터 나온다.
성장은 우연이 아니다. 우리는 의도적으로 성장하거나 아예 성장하지 않는다.

Dan RockWell @Leadershipfreak
Inc Magazine Top 50 Leadership Expert | AMA Top 30 Leader | Top 100 Leadership Speaker


Don’t let pain define you, let it refine you.
고통이 당신을 규정하게 하지 말고, 다듬어지게 하라.

Tim Fargo @tim_fargo
CEO of Social Jukebox


The first person you lead is YOU.
당신이 가장 먼저 이끄는 사람은 당신 자신이다.

Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal
Coach | Consultant | Speaker | Columnist | Best Selling Author : The Leadership Gap


Don’t stay on the wrong road just because you’ve been traveling it a long time.
단지 오랫동안 그 길을 걸어왔다는 이유만으로 잘못된 길에 남아 있지 마라.

Bruce Van Horn @BurceVH
Life, Leadership, and Business Coach | Speaker | Life Is A Marathon Podcast | Bestselling Author | Thought Leader | Cancer Conqueror | Runner | World Traveler
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