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Ask yourself this. “Am I trying to resolve this conflict or am I trying to prove that I’m right?”

자신에게 “지금 문제를 해결하려고 하는지, 아니면 내 주장이 옳다는 것을 증명하려는 것인지” 질문해라.

Guy Harris @recovengineer

Conflict resolution specialist, leadership expert, co-author From Bud to Boss


Leadership is like conducting a symphony.
It’s not your job to play all of the instruments, just to get all of the players to play their parts and make music.

리더십은 교향곡을 지휘하는 것과 같다.

모든 악기를 혼자 연주하는 것이 아니라 사람들이 각자 자신의 역할에 맞게 연주를 하도록 해서 하나의 음악을 완성하는 것이다.

Bruce Van Horn @BruceVH

Author, Motivation Speaker, Leadership and Personal Development Coach


To sell to humans, you have to be a human - not a corporation, institute or brand.

사람들에게 물건을 팔려면 기업이나 기관, 브랜드가 아니라 사람이 돼야 한다.


NYT Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Advisor


Learn the rules before you focus on breaking them.

원칙을 깨기 전에 원칙을 이해하는 것이 먼저다.

Sally Hogshead @SallyHogshead

NYT Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame speaker, CEO of How to Fascinate


Growth at all costs could be as detrimental to your business as not growing at all.

모든 걸 희생하고 이뤄낸 성장은 제자리걸음하는 것만큼 기업에 치명적이다.

Denise Lee Yohn @deniseleeyohn

Brand Leadership Expert, Business Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author